FAQ List

  • Your Seller ID is a unique number for your shop, that lets us know who you are.

    To find it, just go to the email we originally sent to you with your login details.

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  • Please double check your spam folder for emails from Drinxin. If you haven't received any invoices and you think you should have please email customerservice@drinxin.com with your Seller name, ID and details of the problem.

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  • 1. Please Go to Products -> Products, to see the list

    2. Press the Yellow Button to the right of product to edit product Information.

    3. In the list of product information, scroll to the bottom to view 'Original Price' - Change here to change the price displayed on the platform.

    -Changing 'Normal Discount in %' Inputs a visible discount that will be seen on the platform.

    4. Click anywhere outside the page to exit.

    Problems - Processing or Saving buttons taking too long.  - 

    1. Double Press the button, if it seems frozen to re-send the order to the page.

    2. If failing, press off the page you're on, then go back to the page after some seconds to see if the information has updated correctly.

    3. If any buttons continue to not work, please contact us (mobile is fastest).

  • On your Product Details Page, there are a number of controls.

    Stock - We recommend for Stock you input a high, arbitrary number, for Maximum Stock Limit and Minimum Stock limit as we currently don't have the facility to integrate with store stock management systems as of 2019.

    Total Stock Unit - Remains the same as alcohol units for now.

    Pack Size - This is the number of products sold with the purchase - sellers have the ability to sell a 4-pack of Guinness for instance

  • 1.The System

    a. When customers purchase products they automatically earn a fixed number of loyalty points proportional to their spend.

    b. Loyalty points can be spent on products which Sellers have selected Yes to the question 'Want to add to loyalty club list'

    c. Customers then have up to 20% discount at check-out for any loyalty club product, using however many points they choose.

    2. Which Products to Choose for Loyalty Club List

    a. The Loyalty Club was designed in mind for stock that sellers struggle to sell, for instance

    • Discounted stock from wholesalers that has not sold as well as expected,
    • Special edition stock that remains after the event,
    • Stock nearing its' sell-by date.

    b. How Much? Sellers are only able to list up to 10% of products in their product databases in the list.

    3. The VIP Club

    - Is a version of the Loyalty Club list that customers join when they have earned a cumulative 20,000 points (the equivalent of

  • Please put anyone who might be interested in making money with Drinxin in touch with me at willroberts@drinxin.com and we will take care of the signup process ourselves.

  • Keeping our database of products being sold in your store is important so that Drinxin and yourselves can make money together.

    Because of regular updates to your stock, we would like pictures to be sent into us every three months from you so that we can keep your stock updated.

    This should just require a smartphone and 2-3 minutes. We will need photos of all the stock in the store, ideally when it has just been fully stocked. 

    This gives the advantages:

    1. If there are any products you do not want to sell for any reason, you don't need to take a picture of those

    2. After time, you can take photos just of new products in the store, and leave old products you know are on our database.

    3. You can take the product photographs at a tiime that suits, when your stock has been replenished.

    We will arrange with you the dates for when the photos can be taken, and send email reminders in the near future.

  • All sales are shown on the homepage of the Seller Panel.

    Greater Detail, including graphs, shall be added in the future.

  • Please update your store's operating hours to be the hours you operate in line with your premises licence if we have not already updated them for you.

    Allow 15 minutes before closing on each day for drivers to deliver their orders within the 15-30 minutes of closing so that drivers deliver within the time of the conditions of your premises licence.

  • Please upload a scan/photocopy of your premises licence if you have not already provided it to us.

  • Navigate to Orders Management - > New Orders - Select Unaccepted order and press accept order.
    This can be set to automatic in 'New Orders,' so that orders go straight to the drivers.

  • Please pack bottles and other items suitable for the delivery. If there are more than 5 bottles of wine, please provide a wine case or wine box if available. Make sure that the bags that you put products in can hold the weight.

    Please input flyers to the bag.

    We also have stickers we would love for you to place on the bottles before ordering to promote Drinxin! But only if you are interested in this.

    We are also capable of printing stickers that promote both Drinxin and your store, to put on bottles before going out for Delivery, which we will happily discuss creating.

  • The driver appointed for the delivery of a particular order will come to your store and show the order number, once you have confirmed the order.

    Check if the order number matches with your information, hand the order to the driver and mark the order as

  • Each Seller has its private login details and has an ability to change the password when feeling suspicious.

    Go to Settings - Change Password, enter your current password then enter a new password, save it by clicking on the 'Change Password' button.

  • Go to Products, choose a product you want to put on sale, click on

  • Go to Products. Choose a product you want to add to the Loyalty Program, press 'Edit'. In the field 'Want to add in a Loyalty Club list?' choose YES. At the bottom of the page new fields 'Loyalty Club discount' and 'Loyalty Club price' will appear. Enter the per cent of discount you want to add (numbers only). The price will be calculated automatically. Save the information.