Drinking With Friends

There is peculiar joy in a lively tipple with friends and family and there is nothing wrong in it.

Actually, we approve that ending the week while unwinding and relaxing with a drink or two is a good idea if you are consuming the drinks safely. The point is that being jolly with friends is great but becoming competitive and then heaving while your friends take care of you is never a good idea.


It has been observed that people usually enjoy a glass or two of red wine before retiring for the night but that glass has the potential to turn into a bottle.

Hence excessive drinking at home is the major cause of alcohol side effects for your body. So, one must cut down on the units of alcohol at home and following are some of the steps to get a hold of the situation:

  • Track your Units: Keeping track of unit consumption can help you in knowing how much you are drinking and you will be able to regulate your drinking habits. Furthermore, exercise and workouts help in cutting down excessive alcohol units.

  • Keep Smaller Glasses: It sounds silly but it actually is a great idea to keep 125ml glasses at your home rather than 250 ml.

  • Keep a Measuring Device: It is recommended to keep a measuring device at home which will help in pouring the units of cocktails. The measuring device will make sure that you do not go overboard with your drinking.

  • Drink Only with Dinner: Rather than drinking all night, it is recommended to drink only at dinner and then not at all so that you have not tempted to booze up all night.  

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